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Player's Republic (of tentacles)

Player's Republic (of tentacles)

$20.00 includes shipping and donation!

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The original painting is acrylic and ink on wood and is 2' x 2' 10 3/4". Stunningly beautiful in person whether you're looking at the original or a print. This one has everything we need. Often referred to as weird art or mystical art, this piece appears to have captured numerous strange beings or creatures, perhaps from another dimension as they perform some strange ritual we may never understand.

There's a strange female Cthulhu type creature, a weird bird person, a creepy magician, strange alien bird creatures, and what looks like alien writing or some sort of strange sigil symbols. All of this is brought together to provide you with a true sense of wonder and questions that you are welcome to answer. This is one of numerous pieces from my ongoing series of works from the Book and Temple of Gosh.

This 11" x 14" print is printed on 110lb. medium gloss card stock.

A donation of $5 is made to charity for the sale of any print on this website. If no specific charity is requested by the customer the money will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.

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