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Beast Totem-Blue


$20.00 includes shipping and donation!

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Not to sound overly impressed with myself here, but this design is insane. There is sooooo much detail in this piece. I basically took the majority of my favorite monsters and blended all of their pieces together to create one mighty beast totem. This has so much monster goodness in it....dripping blood, fangs, tusks, feathers, tentacles, horns, a huge monster skull, blood soaked fur, a third eye, and just total sickness. I even added in some alien writing along the skull to bring in the otherworldly, cosmic art side of things. The detail and linework in this piece took me numerous hours and I'm very happy to have spent a part of my life dedicated to this piece. I hope you like it as much as I do!

This 11" x 14" print is printed on 110lb. medium gloss card stock.

A donation of $5 is made to charity for the sale of any print on this website. If no specific charity is requested by the customer the money will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.

This design with this blue background is also available on a skateboard deck from Devil Street Decks. Devil Street and I have teamed up to create some sick decks for your deviant lifestyle. Get some of my crazy art on a deck and go shred! Check it out here!

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